The choice of two components of glass bead road surface
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-19


Due to its excellent durability and pollution resistance, the two-component road marking is paid more and more attention and application. Because the spraying type of two-component road marking only sprinkles glass beads on the surface, according to the national standard GB / t24722 "glass beads for pavement marking", the glass beads used in the two-component road marking with the thickness of 0.6-0.8mm are 0.1-0.85mm, The roundness rate of 0.6-0.8 was 70%, and that of other particle sizes was 80%. The roundness rate was obviously lower and the particle size was obviously smaller.

According to the research data released by the coating Research Institute of Porter company in the United States, for spray type two-component marking line, if high roundness rate (more than 90%) is selected and modified coating material is used for surface treatment, the glass bead particle size is about 1-1.2 times of the marking line thickness, that is, the glass bead particle size of 0.6-0.8mm spraying thickness should be about 0.8-1.6mm.

At present, there are two contradictory methods in the application. One is to pursue high reflective performance, generally using 20-40 mesh glass beads or 1.93 high refractive beads. Due to the particularity of high refractive glass beads, high specific gravity (4.2) and production process limitations, its particle size can not reach the required particle size. Moreover, it is difficult to produce glass beads with high roundness rate and large particle size in domestic natural gas furnaces. The other is to highlight the anti pollution performance of the two-component marking line, which does not need glass beads at all, and sacrifices the important reflective safety performance in exchange for the anti pollution performance of the two-component marking line.

This is due to the practice of giving up food because of choking. To a large extent, we still use the experience of hot melting to provide two-component matching glass beads. Many glass bead manufacturers, including many glass bead manufacturers, have not adjusted their production process to introduce special glass bead products suitable for two-component road marking.

According to the research data released by European and American countries, for spray type two-component marking line, special large particle size and high roundness glass beads can ensure the anti pollution property of the two-component marking line, and obtain excellent reflective performance at the same time, so as to truly achieve the two-component anti pollution pavement marking that is both anti pollution and reflective.