Why do highway signs, lines and license plates reflect strongly
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-19


Reflective coating is based on the principle of micro prism crystal regression reflection. Under the illumination of other remote light sources, you can also produce strong reflection effect and reflect back to the luminous place. Without additional power supply, it achieves the effect of lighting in the dark. Vehicle license plates and road signs use high refractive index glass beads with aluminum plating on the rear surface as the rear reflector, which has strong reverse reflection performance, and can directly reflect 85% of the light back to the light source. The brightness of the reflection caused by the regression reflection can make the drivers and drivers with light sources clearly see pedestrians or obstacles at night or under poor vision, so as to ensure the safety of both sides All.

The reflective principle of car license plate is usually called regression reflection. The traffic signs and warning signs on the road are the same kind of products, which are realized by the glass beads (also bare type) inside. According to the degree of reflection, it can be divided into several categories: high strength, license plate, engineering and advertising. Many of these signs are made of reflective coatings, which use reflective films.

Reflective film is a new type of optical material with wide application. According to the imaging principle of thin lens, the glass beads are uniformly and monolayer embedded in organic resin as optical components, and laminated with resin layers. The reflective brightness made of it is dozens to hundreds of times brighter than ordinary paint signs. Products are widely used in highway, railway, port and shipping, airport, mine, fire protection, vehicle license, environmental protection, advertising and other fields to make reflective signs and signs. The use of the product can make people see the signs hundreds of meters away at night, greatly improve people's ability to identify the signs at night, and enhance the safety awareness and publicity. This product is a high-tech product which came out recently, and has been widely used. The reflective signs and signs made by this product can be seen everywhere. It is closely related to people's production and life. The application of this product is another symbol of human civilization and progress.