Application of glass beads in road marking coatings
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-19


Application of glass beads in road marking coatings

Road marking paint is a kind of road marking paint, which is used to regulate road traffic and to indicate on the ground. It is mainly applied on cement, asphalt and other coating substrates, and is commonly used in urban and rural roads, highways, parking lots, factories and other unit areas. For example, the lane marking on the highway, the Yellow marking in the parking lot, and the calibration of the functional areas in the workshop.

Road marking coatings are generally divided into solvent type and hot-melt type.

The road marking coating uses glass beads as reflective materials. Glass beads are mixed into the coating and spread on the surface of the coating. The regression reflection principle of glass beads is used to make the driver see the road markings cleanly when driving at night. The factors affecting the reflective performance of glass beads include the refractive index and roundness index of glass beads. Generally speaking, the higher the refractive index of glass beads is, the rounder the roundness index is, and the better the reflective effect of marking line is at night. However, if the roundness rate is too high, the reflection will be enhanced and the driver's visual stimulation will be great. Therefore, a small amount of irregular beads are needed to produce diffuse reflection. Therefore, it is necessary to select appropriate glass beads. It should be noted that the position of glass beads on the surface of the coating should be appropriate, with half embedding and half exposure as the best. Glass beads floating on the coating, not only easy to fall off, but also light transmission, glass beads sink in the coating without reflection.