Introduction of glass bead reflective material
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-19


Glass beads are one of the main materials of reflective materials. Reflective materials include resin, PET film, etc. Any kind of raw material is very important to the final performance of reflective products. Glass beads, which directly determine the performance of reflective products, must have high refractive index, high transparency, low transmittance, good roundness, good particle size consistency and fluidity.

The current production of glass bead type reflective material mostly adopts computer closed-loop information integration feedback and control, trial production frequency conversion synchronous operation control, constant tension control, adjustable temperature control in different regions, and air volume. The wind speed is stable, the coating precision is controllable, the coating drying temperature is uniform and stable, and the product quality control is good.

At present, there are many breakthroughs in the production process of glass bead type reflective materials in China, such as coating technology and planting bead technology. The process and technology of using glass bead as reflective element for product production is relatively mature, and the production process of some products is even more concise and practical than that of foreign countries.