Application of glass beads in reflective cloth
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-19


Reflective fabrics are also called reflective fabrics or retroreflective fabrics. Reflective cloth is an optical principle that applies glass beads to the fabric and uses the light to refract and reflect in the glass beads to return. This kind of fabric is a kind of fabric with safety function.

When the personnel working at night or in the dark place wear or carry the safety materials of regression reflection, when the light is illuminated, it will produce striking effect and improve their visibility, so that the personnel in the light transmission can quickly return to the target, effectively avoid accidents and ensure personal safety.

As a safety functional product, reflective cloth has been widely used in traffic, sanitation, public security and other special industries outdoor workers working at night. When the personnel carrying and carrying reflective materials work or walk at night, the driver can find the target in a long distance due to its function of regression reflection, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

For ordinary people, according to different degrees of night time activities, so in their clothing, shoes and hats, bags, rain gear and other reflective not, can improve their own security. The higher the reflective intensity is, the better the eye-catching effect is, and the farther the driver finds the target.

According to the principle of regression reflection and the structure of the fabric, it can be seen that the fabric is composed of base cloth, reflective layer, chemical resin, glass beads, etc. A variety of materials are combined by processing technology to ensure that the reflective cloth has the same wearability as other textiles. The glass beads are uniformly and intensively arranged on the fabric surface in a single layer.