Reflective heat insulation material -- glass beads
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


Glass beads, a kind of reflective heat insulation material widely used in the market at present

As we all know, the current reflective heat insulation coating is also called solar reflective coating. It is developed on the basis of aluminum based reflective heat insulation coating. By selecting suitable resin, various metals or metal oxides, fillers, production process and coating, high reflectivity coating is prepared. There are many kinds of reflective materials, but at present, the mainstream materials can be divided into micro beads and pigments. In the micro beads, they can be divided into glass beads and ceramic beads, and in pigments, they can be divided into inorganic composite pigments, organic pigments and reflective titanium dioxide.

Glass beads

Glass beads are the first materials introduced into China to prepare reflective heat insulation coatings. Its main component is alkali lime borate glass. Because the particle size distribution of imported products is in the same order of magnitude as visible light and near-infrared light, it can achieve a large degree of reflection. Especially in the paint of high brightness color, his reflection marking is excellent. At the same time, it has high emissivity to near-infrared light, that is to say, when the radiation enters the coating surface and meets the glass beads, most of the heat energy is emitted, thus reducing the heat energy entering the coating. However, glass beads also have their own defects. In the coatings with medium or low lightness, their reflection performance is difficult to meet the current standards. Because the density is between 0.1-0.6g/cc, it is easy to cause dust pollution in the production process. At present, the glass beads sold in the market have low compressive strength and are easy to be damaged when encountering large shear force. The static distribution of some domestic glass beads is more extensive, and the marking of dispersed control, storage and film smoothness is not ideal.