Matters needing attention in application of glass bead traffic coating
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


In traffic construction, the common coating is hot-melt marking paint. During the construction, the hot-melt marking paint is mixed with glass beads, or glass beads are spread on the hot-melt coating.

In the construction, we should pay attention to the following matters:

1. The trolley should be filtered by filter screen when feeding, so as to avoid the mark scratch caused by impurities

2. The best construction temperature is about 180 ℃, and the applicable temperature is 170 ℃ - 210 ℃. Long time heating above 200 ℃ will cause some components to volatilize and affect the coating quality

3. If the temperature exceeds 230 ℃, the coating will be scorched and discolored, which will affect the coating quality.

4. When using the lower coating agent, it is necessary to wait until the lower coating agent is dry, otherwise the marking line will blister and fall off.

5. The special coating for cement pavement should be used for construction on cement pavement

6. The road surface should be cleaned before construction to keep it clean

7. The pavement must be kept dry during construction. Avoid construction after dew, fog and rain

8. Construction on cement pavement after rain must wait until the surface layer and base layer of pavement are completely dry

9. There should be no oil pollution on the road surface, and the road surface should be polished in case of oil pollution

10. If the road surface is too smooth, it should be polished

11. When covering the old line, grinding treatment shall be carried out; special primer for cement pavement must be used

12. The reflective glass beads should be embedded in 2 / 3 of the marking line, and 1 / 3 of the marking line should be exposed