Quality requirements of sandblasting glass beads
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


Characteristics of sandblasted glass beads:

1. it is soft and hard - using high quality materials from production, that is, there is a certain mechanical strength, SiO2 content is greater than or equal to 68%, hardness is as high as 6-7 Mohs, it has enough flexibility, it can be used for many times, and the spray device has more than 3 times more life than ordinary glass beads.

The brightness of the device is greater than 2%, or the unevenness of the device is greater than 80%.

3. Can not replace - glass beads as abrasive materials have the following advantages over any other grinding materials: in addition to metal abrasive materials, longer service life than any other media, the use of non alkaline soda lime glass materials, with good chemical stability, will not pollute the metal processing, can speed up the cleaning, while maintaining the accuracy of the original object

4. Smooth without impurities - the appearance is spherical particles, without impurities; the surface is smooth, with good finish, reaching the international and domestic standards

under these circumstances,

Product specification:

Chemical composition: SiO2 > 67%, Cao > 8.0% MgO > 2.5% Na2O < 14%

Al2O3 0.5 ~ 2.0 Fe2O3 > 0.15, other 2.0%

2. Specific gravity: 2.4-2.6g/cm3

Bulk density: 1.5g/cc

Mohs hardness: 6-7 Mohs

Rockwell hardness: 48-52hrc

Appearance: smooth, round, transparent glass without impurities

Roundness: ≥ 85%

3. The weight of magnetic particles shall not exceed 0.1%

4. The bubble content in glass beads is less than 10%

5. It does not contain any silicone resin composition