Function and characteristics of sandblasted glass beads
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


1、 Application of sandblasted glass beads

1. Surface Matt treatment of stainless steel products

2. Used for cleaning various moulds

3. It can remove the tensile stress of various parts and increase the fatigue life

4. Cleaning and removing edge burrs before tin coating on semiconductor devices and plastic packaging tubes

5. Shot peening for medical equipment, textile machinery and various hardware products

6. Cleaning and deburring residue of various metal pipes and non-ferrous metal precision castings

2、 Characteristics of sandblasted glass beads:

1. It is made of high-quality materials with certain mechanical strength, SiO2 content of 68 ‰, hardness of 6-7 Mohs, and enough elasticity. It can be used repeatedly for several times, and is not easy to be broken. The spraying device has the same effect, and its service life is more than 3 times longer than ordinary glass beads.

2. Good uniformity - the roundness rate is greater than or equal to 80%, and the particle size is uniform. After spraying, the height coefficient of sandblasting device is kept uniform, and it is not easy to leave watermark.

3. Irreplaceable - as an abrasive material, shot peening glass bead has the following advantages over any other grinding material: in addition to metal abrasive material, it has a longer service life than any other medium. It is made of non alkaline sodium calcium glass material, has good chemical stability, will not stain the processed metal, can accelerate cleaning, and maintain the processing accuracy of the original object

4. Smooth without impurities - the appearance is spherical particles, without impurities; the surface is smooth, with good finish, reaching the international and domestic standards