The difference between grinding and sandblasting
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


Grinding is the finishing of workpiece surface with abrasive coated or embedded abrasives. It is used to process metal and non-metallic materials. The machined surface has various shapes, including plane, inner and outer cylindrical surface, convex and concave spherical surface, etc.

Sandblasting is to spray abrasive jet on the surface of the workpiece under compressed air or water, which changes the surface of the workpiece and reduces the surface smoothness or roughness of the workpiece. Improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece.

Glass beads are commonly used in grinding and sand blasting operations. The glass beads produced by our company have the characteristics of high cost performance and high roundness rate. The specific parameters are as follows.

MaterialsSiO2、CaO、 Na2O
Specific gravity2.5
Particle size5um - 6mm
Roundness rate90%