Glass beads the first choice for children's toys filling
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


Glass beads the first choice for children's toys filling

In the current market environment, the fillers of toys have to attract our attention. Some stuffed toys are often the black sheep among them. In order to save some costs, they often choose to do things in places that consumers can't see. Poor quality PP flour, cotton products and other wastes will be used as toy fillers. You can imagine how much harm these stuffed toys do to children.

As a new filling material, glass beads are used in the field of toy filling, which is undoubtedly a great gospel to the majority of consumers. As early as in foreign countries, many toy manufacturers have used glass beads to replace traditional fillers such as PP surface to fill toys. Glass bead is a kind of glass bead with diameter of 1-6 mm, which can be used for toy filling. There is no chemical reaction in this process, and the glass beads have good chemical stability. After the mature processing technology, the glass beads have smooth surface, uniform size, high hardness, and the roundness rate is higher than 90%. Glass beads filled with toys have good physical properties, which can make filled toys have good texture and plasticity. And the good chemical stability of glass beads makes us feel more at ease in future use.

As a vulnerable group, children need more attention and love. The choice of glass beads for toy fillers makes us more confident to face consumers. In the fierce market competition, owning high-quality toy fillers will make our products more competitive in the market. Safe and stable glass beads as a toy filler can make their products have a better reputation in the industry.

The complete production chain, perfect processing technology, mature production technology and management greatly improve the production standard of glass beads. High standard requirements and strict production can make glass beads better adapt to the field of toy filling. Glass beads with low cost and high return will surely become the leader in the field of toy fillers.