Specification requirements for glass beads filled with toys
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


Specification requirements for glass beads filled with toys

Glass beads have the advantages of light weight and high strength, which can achieve the shaping effect of toys. At the same time, glass beads also have the advantages of wear-resistant stability and high chemical stability. These characteristics can ensure the safety of glass beads as toy fillers, so that the majority of consumers can rest assured.

The production process of glass beads is that the glass sand is fired at high temperature, cooled and shaped, and the size we need is selected through the vibrating screen. This is a physical process of change. Glass beads used for toy filling are usually 1-6 mm in diameter.

1. High quality glass raw materials are used in the production of glass beads to ensure that the color of glass beads is good.

2. Compared with glass yarn, the diameter of glass beads used for toy filling is different, and the material composition does not change. The main component is SiO2.

3. In order to make the filled toys have good molding effect and good handle, the requirements for the shape and size uniformity of glass beads are high. The roundness rate of glass beads should be higher than 90%. The screening should be strictly checked to ensure the size uniformity of glass beads.

4. Since toys are near skin products, we must pay attention to the safety of products in the production process.

5. The selected glass beads must be smooth and free of impurities.