Application of glass bead in plush toy filling
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


Application of glass bead in plush toy filling

Plush toys with their own vivid shape, soft touch, extrusion resistance, high safety, strong decoration and other characteristics, once published, won the love of many people. With the rapid development of plush toy market, many small factories and workshops have joined the production army of plush toys. In this way, the control of the plush toy market is a little difficult. Black heart cotton, industrial waste cotton and so on are used to fill toys, so the safety and quality of plush toys are worrying.

The emergence of glass beads and its application in toy filling will be a big boost to the filling toy industry.

The physical texture of glass beads determines its advantages as a toy filler, which can bring better texture to toys, and can also shape the filled toys better because of its own texture.

Glass beads in the production process is only a simple physical change, so its own stability and security worthy of our trust. In addition, the production materials of glass beads are transparent and flawless, with smooth surface and uniform size. Even so, the cost of glass beads is lower than that of other toy fillers.

Choosing glass beads as filler for toys is definitely a wise choice with low cost and high income.