Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the current mainstream toy fillers
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the current mainstream toy fillers

There are a variety of plush toys on the market, and different types of plush toys have their own requirements for toy fillers. There are only a few kinds of fillers commonly used in the market.

1. Ppcotton. As the big brother of toy filling industry, it has mature application and development in the field of toy filling. PP cotton is a kind of man-made chemical fiber made of polypropylene. It has strong bulkiness, beautiful appearance, no fear of extrusion, easy washing and quick drying. Its main advantage is that it is easy to clean. The main disadvantage is that it is a synthetic chemical composition, and the product quality and safety need to be improved.

2. Plastic particles. Plastic particles are 0.5-1.0 mm granular fillers, which are made by coating nano silver and titanium mother liquor by using the synergistic mechanism of nano titanium dioxide and nano silver ions. Plastic particles have relatively good chemical stability, but due to the production process, the finished products often contain substances harmful to human body. Of course, the quality of food grade plastic can be assured. Of course, the price is higher, and it will not be used in toy filling. Colleagues, plastics also have certain pollution to the environment.

3. Some high-end toys also use animal feathers as fillers.

4. Glass beads. The application of glass beads in toys in domestic market is relatively less. Glass beads are glass beads. In the production process of glass beads, only the glass sand is fired into salty particles at high temperature. The whole process is just a physical process. The glass beads produced retain the original characteristics of glass, with smooth surface, high hardness and high chemical stability. The diameter of glass beads used for toy filling is 1-6 mm, the surface is smooth, the size is uniform, and the roundness rate is higher than 90%. As a toy filler, glass bead has its unique characteristics, safe, stable and assured. Because of its light weight and high hardness, the toy can have better plasticity. The glass beads are easy to obtain and the cost is relatively low.

To sum up, glass beads as a new material used in toy filling is still very advantageous, I believe that the application in the field of toy filling will be more extensive in the future. Of course, professional and high standard production of glass beads is the key to the development of glass beads in the field of toy filling.