Characteristics of glass beads filled with toys
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


The characteristics of the glass beads filled with toys

Filling toys are generally divided into plush toys and silicone toys. Both toys belong to skin products. In order to ensure the safety of the surface materials of toys, they should also ensure that the toy filler is harmless to human body. So the first characteristic that glass bead should have as toy filler is safety, non-toxic, stable and non-volatile. This point can be satisfied with glass beads. The glass itself has high physical and chemical stability. The finished glass beads are smooth in surface and the rounding rate is higher than 90%, and it will not damage the toy shell.

The hand feeling of a filled toy is not only determined by the appearance and material of the filled toy, but also a good filler plays a great role in the texture of the toy. To be a good toy filler, the requirement for glass beads is to have a high rounding rate and the size of glass beads must be uniform. Only in this way can we give the toy a better one Feel and feel.

In addition, as a raw material of a product, low cost is also an important point for many toy manufacturers to consider. The raw materials of glass micro beads mainly choose high-quality waste glass, which are melted at high temperature and spheroidized. It is not only safe and non-toxic, but also a low-cost product. Therefore, glass beads are also a low-cost, high-efficiency best choice.