How can glass beads promote plush toys to meet safety standards
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


What is the promotion effect of glass beads as filler for plush toys to meet the safety standards

Plush toys are mainly sold to children under 10 years old, so the safety requirements are very high. Generally speaking, there are six safety standards for plush toys

1. The outer packing film must be effective to prevent children from suffocating

2. The fabric should have good flame retardancy

3. Toys with detachable small parts should be prevented from being eaten by children

4. The non detachable components of toys should be assembled firmly to prevent children from pulling down and eating by mistake

5. Toys should be safe and non-toxic, to prevent mold into a source of pollution

6. The hard parts attached to toys should have no sharp edges to prevent children's skin from being cut

From the above six safety standards, the safety requirements of plush toys are still very high. So what are the advantages of using glass beads instead of traditional plush toy fillers?

1. Glass beads have high physical and chemical stability, good flame retardancy, safety and no mildew

2. The production process of glass beads is only a simple physical change, there will be no secondary pollution, and the filling material is safe and non-toxic

3. The glass bead has high hardness and good molding performance.

4. The glass beads have good texture, uniform size, smooth surface and no tip

Therefore, glass beads as a toy filler for plush toys to achieve safety standards have a positive role in promoting.