How to evaluate the safety of plush toys
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


How to evaluate the safety of plush toys

1. Appearance

From the appearance alone, we can only see the basic problems of a toy, such as whether it is fine, whether the shape is beautiful, and whether the gap is qualified. In addition, the appearance of the fabric is not the use of poor fabrics, whether the quality of workmanship is rough.

2. Feel

The handle of toys is mainly reflected in the two aspects of fabric and toy filler, which can feel the fabric on the face. Some plush is comfortable and soft, others are short, hard and rough, and even feel pricking. Toy fillers, which can only be experienced by touch, are different from the internal fillers, the average degree of natural distribution of fillers, and the pollution degree of fillers on toys after washing are different. Can reflect the different grades of toys.

3. Fillings

As an internal filling material, toy filler is not directly accessible to consumers. Therefore, businesses tend to fill toys with inferior quality. Therefore, the filler is the key to the real test of plush toys. Nowadays, the components of plush toy fillers are generally chemical fiber raw materials and glass beads, both of which have high stability. However, whether the chemical fiber raw materials are polluted by other materials in the production and processing process, and the cost of good chemical fiber raw materials is relatively high, and there is no good flame-retardant and moisture-proof and mildew proof performance. Glass beads, on the other hand, have low cost, high physical and chemical stability and good flame retardancy. Generally on the doll packaging, there are signs of material composition, you can compare and select.

4. Price brand

Although it's not that the higher the price, the better the brand, the safest the products are. Big brands are more strict with channel quality assurance, and they also attach great importance to reputation. Material selection is generally superior to other niche brands.

In conclusion, toy filler is very important for the safety of plush toys. In the current market environment, the use of glass beads as filler can greatly improve the safety of products, thus enhancing the reputation of manufacturers and increasing benefits.