Application and advantages of glass beads in sand blasting
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


Application and advantages of glass beads in sand blasting

Glass bead itself is hard, smooth and round surface, which can be widely used in metal mold polishing or metal surface strengthening treatment process. It can be used in sandblasting equipment. It can also be used as abrasive material.

Using different sizes of glass beads and different operating parameters, glass beads will achieve different gloss on the surface of the workpiece. So we can carry out selective local coverage controlled sandblasting to produce a special decorative effect.

At the same time, glass beads are also widely used to treat the surface of workpieces with residual tension or periodic pressure to produce compressive stress layer to achieve the purpose of surface strengthening.

Advantages of glass bead sandblasting:

1. The work piece that uses glass bead to carry on sandblasting polishing can have very good glossiness.

2. Using glass beads to strengthen the surface of workpiece can reduce the potential danger of surface erosion or surface fatigue.

3. Glass beads are easy to get materials, low price, using glass beads for surface treatment is very economical, and has high controllability.

4. Glass beads have strong chemical stability and are non-toxic. In the process of use, there will be no residual iron or other harmful substances on the surface of the workpiece, which is not easy to rust and corrosion, and will not bring pollution to the surrounding environment.