Requirements for toy fillers
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


Requirements for toy fillers

1. The filler should not be harmful because of its shape and structure design and manufacture, and can not threaten the personal safety of toy users and the third party.

2. Toy fillers shall not contain sharp and sharp foreign matters, and shall be non-toxic, harmless and not easy to breed pathogenic bacteria

3 Toy fillers should not be irritating and not easy to cause allergy

4 flammable and explosive materials shall not be used as fillers

5. The chemical properties of toy fillers must be stable, safe and reliable, and no pungent odor is allowed.

6 toy fillers must have a certain degree of cleanliness, clean and hygienic.

7. The quality of toy outsourcing materials must be up to standard. On the one hand, due to the leakage of fillers due to rupture, children may eat by mistake.

The ingredients and possible hazards of fillers must be indicated in the label and instructions of toys

In today's market environment, only by choosing fillers with simple materials, low prices and stable chemical properties can consumers be assured.