Functional application of glass beads in toy filling
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


Functional application of glass beads in toy filling

Here we will talk about the functional application of glass beads in toy filling. In the current market demand, toy fillers should not only be able to fully display the external shape of toys, but also realize some other functions. Let's take a look at the functional applications of glass beads as toy fillers

1. Weighing function, ppcotton and plastic particles can realize the contour display of filled dolls, but they are not as heavy as glass beads, so it is impossible to realize the texture of filled toys. As early as in foreign countries, bionic dolls used glass beads to fill to increase the weight of dolls.

2. Stable shaping function, it is difficult to achieve a long standing state with ppcotton and other materials filled toys. At this time, we can fill the feet or buttocks of toys with glass beads, so as to realize the standing and sitting of filled toys.

3. Glass beads have strong physical and chemical stability, hydrophobicity and good flame retardancy. Compared with other toy fillers, glass beads are safer. Moreover, glass beads are stable in nature and will not become allergens. Moreover, glass beads will not breed bacteria and become pollution sources.