3-4mm glass beads
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


3-4mm glass beads

3-4mm glass beads have always been a hot spot in the glass bead market, and the information for purchasing is very hot. Glass beads with diameter of 3-4mm are relatively large in the glass bead group, usually called grinding beads. 3-4mm glass beads are generally used in metal grinding, toy filling, road construction and other industries. This kind of glass bead with larger diameter is the most difficult to produce in the factory, and the production is difficult to rise. And our company has a grinding ball production equipment has solved these problems.

In the application of toy filling beads, the glass beads with the diameter of 3-4mm, uniform size, smooth surface and a rounding rate of more than 90% are generally selected. Glass beads of this size can be used to fill toys, which can help them achieve the best feel and texture.

The application in grinding, the choice of grinding beads is to minimize the wear of grinding machine. In order to prevent the grinding glass beads from polluting by the fragmentation during grinding, the 3-4mm glass beads can meet the requirements of the proper size of the grinder.

The requirements for the diameter of glass beads in different industries are different. At present, the market environment of 3-4mm glass beads is very good, and it has always been a hot spot for attention and purchase.