Application prospect of ground glass beads
Column:NEWS Time:2020-11-20


Application prospect of ground glass beads

Grinding glass bead is used as grinding medium in the production process. The grinding medium should be wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, with sufficient strength and hardness, and it is not easy to be broken in the work. The original shape of the material can still be retained after wear. Moreover, the grinding medium itself should be safe and pollution-free, and free of harmful chemical components.

Grinding glass beads are mainly made of spherical glass beads with nearly perfect shape. After treatment, the glass beads have high surface smoothness, strong impact resistance and wear resistance. All performance requirements of glass beads are to minimize the wear loss to the grinder. Generally, 2-3mm glass beads are used as grinding glass beads.

This kind of high quality grinding glass beads can be widely used in vertical and horizontal sand mills, agate sand mills and other types of grinding equipment. They are not only used as grinding media in coatings, printing, ink and dye industries. From a health point of view, the ground glass beads have no harmful chemical composition, and are more suitable for food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries requiring particle dispersion process.

Glass bead has a good application prospect in the field of grinding media because of its high hardness, low cost, round shape and non fragile.