Test report of glass beads for pavement marking (2)
Column:HONOR Time:2020-11-19


matters needing attention

1. Each page of the report shall be stamped with the "special seal for report" and "seal for cross stitch" of the center, otherwise it will be deemed invalid.

2. The report is invalid without the signature of the tester, reviewer, and approval person.

3. If the report is altered, it is invalid to affix the "special seal for report" of the center.

4. If there is any objection to the test report, it shall be submitted to the center within 30 days from the date of issuance of the report, otherwise, it will not be accepted,

And shall be deemed as acceptance.

5. For the sample delivery test, only responsible for the test data of the sample, not for the batch represented by the sample.

6. The center provides the search and inquiry service of the test report, and the user can log in to the website of the center through telephone, fax and

Query the authenticity and validity of the test report.