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Report on detection of glass beads for pavement marking 4

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Report on detection of glass beads
National traffic safety facilities quality supervision and Testing Center
                                     Test Report 

Inspection of the main instruments and equipment Serial No. Name Model Equipment No.
1 Cylinder 100ml M-034
2 Electronic precision balance DJ100倍 M-002
3 Microscope 6.3-100倍 M-048
4 Disk drug balance HC.TP11B.5 M-001
5 conventional tests sieves 20-170目 M-017-2
6 Burette / M-038
7 Electric heat dryness box CS101-1AB M-004
8 Circular separator / M-60
Sample description Sample No.:2016-CA02-065 No.1 Sprinkle pattern
Sample No.:2016-CA02-065 No.2 Premixed
Inspection instructions Test sample(No.1,No.2)Not "coated glass beads", do not carry out "waterproof coating requirements" project detection.

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