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Report on detection of glass beads for pavement marking 3

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Report on detection of glass beads
National traffic safety facilities quality supervision and Testing Center
  Test Report 

Product name Glass beads for pavement marking Model specification No.1,No.2
client Henan Xinxiang BEST glass products Co., Ltd. Detection type Sample test
Production company  Henan Xinxiang BEST glass products Co., Ltd. Date of manufacture /
Sample maker SuYusan Date to sample 2016/3/10
Sampling / Sampling date /
Sampling site / Sampling base /
Date of detection 2016年03月10日~04月07日 Sample quantity Each 1kg
Detection project Appearance requirements,
Particle size distribution,
Roundabout rate
Seven items.
Detection basis National standard GB/T 24722-2009 "glass beads for pavement standard"
Detection environment degree celsius:23℃ degree celsius:50%R.H
Test Conclusion Henan Xinxiang BEST glass products Co., Ltd. for inspection of the road surface marking of glass beads samples, through the center of the inspection, glass beads (No. 1, No. 2) of the appearance requirements, particle size distribution, density and other seven technical indicators in accordance with the national standard GB/T 24722-2009 "pavement standard glass beads" in the relevant provisions.
Date of approval of the report: 07 04 2016
Report valid date: 06 04 2018

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