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Report on detection of glass beads for pavement marking 2

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Report of glass beads
Main matters
1.   every page should be covered by the report "special seal" and "sewing chapter", otherwise it will be regarded as invalid.
2.   No test, examination, approval and approver signature, the report is null and void.
3.  3.   The report invalid if altered and repeat the "report special chapter" of the center is invalid.
4.  If there is any objection to the inspection report, it shall be submitted to the centre within thirty days from the date of issuance of this report, it is not accepted at the time of time, and it is regarded as accepted acceptance.
5.  For sample inspection, the sample data is only responsible for the samples, not the bulk of the samples.
6.  The center provides the retrieval and inquiry service of the detection report. The use unit can inquire about the authenticity and validity of the test report by telephone, fax and landing site.
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