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Glass beads packaging[2017-10-17 02:40:49]
Glass particles through the production furnace fired, fired glass beads into the cleaning tank to clean, and then after drying, glass beads on the batch out. The glass beads are selected by sifting through the vibrating screen, and the glass
Application and Advantage of Sandblasting Glass Beads[2017-09-27 07:30:24]
Sandblasting as a surface treatment of an industry, in our 50s began to widely used. Mostly used in the machinery manufacturing industry, and was the main application of the media for the iron or steel pills. With the continuous development
Characteristics and use of blasting glass beads[2017-09-20 03:06:13]
With the modern production technology innovation, I believe we have more or less sandblasted glass beads have to understand. And for the most accurate positioning of sandblasted glass beads is a kind of material through the air compression f
How to identify blasting glass beads, shot glass beads and g[2017-09-14 02:50:26]
Due to the non-polluting properties of glass beads, grinding in the parts grinding industry, the use of higher. When we have just touched the glass beads industry, tend to sandblasted glass beads, shot peen glass beads, ground glass beads th
The use of road marking glass beads[2017-09-12 09:29:30]
Road marking the use of glass beads is a kind of glass sand as raw material after high temperature melting formed after a small glass beads. This glass beads in the microscope under the observation of colorless, crystal translucent sphere, a
The role of glass beads in color pavements[2017-09-11 03:06:09]
Should the road be beautiful? Obviously, let people always live in the color of stereotyped, the surface texture is no different black asphalt pavement and gray concrete concrete pavement, monotonous and even boring depressed psychological f
The Characteristics and Application of Grinding Glass Beads[2017-09-08 08:55:43]
The polished beads are glass beads that are produced in a nearly perfect shape by the use of high temperature melt sintering techniques. The glass beads are precisely controlled by the glass beads used for grinding. Generally in the 1-6mm, c
Screen size and standard mesh comparison table[2017-09-07 08:51:18]
Screen mesh refers to the length of an inch (25.4mm), a total of how many holes arranged, is how many goals. Not 25.4 square millimeters, but in this length of the column. Such as the left of the two holes a total length of 25.4, then the tw
Application of glass bead in reflective printing[2017-09-06 11:14:26]
Glass beads are spherical, light transmittance, high coefficient of reverse, high quality glass beads with unique reflection efficiency. When glass beads are combined with printing, they solve the problem of "seeing" and "being seen" at nigh
3-4mm glass beads developmented[2017-09-05 09:58:01]
The most recent days, 3-4mm glass beads become a hot spot, the purchase of information is very hot, 3-4mm diameter glass beads in the glass bead group is relatively large glass beads, and often called grinding beads, can be used in metal gri
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