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Water-based and double component pavement marking glass bead

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double component pavement marking glass beads
The double component pavement marking has attracted more and more attention and application because of its excellent durability and anti fouling. As the sprayed double component lines are only sprinkled with glass beads, the glass beads are sprinkled on the national standard GB/ T24722 "the glass bead of the road surface line", and the diameter of the glass beads used in the spray thickness 0.6-0.8mm double component pavement marking is 0. .1-0.85mm, and the roundness rate of 0.6-0.8 is 70%, the remaining grain diameter is 80%, the roundness is obviously low, and the particle size is obviously smaller.
According to the research data published by the paint Research Institute of Potter company in the United States, for the sprayed double component marking line, a high round rate (more than 90%) is selected for the surface treatment with improved coating material. The glass bead with the diameter of the glass bead is about 1-1.2 times the thickness of the marking line, that is, the diameter of the spray thickness is 0.6-0.8mm, and the size of the glass bead should be used. It is suitable for 0.8-1.6mm.
At present, there are two kinds of contradictory methods in application. One is to pursue high reflective performance, 20-40 mesh glass beads or 1.93 high refraction beads are generally used. Because of the particularity of high refraction glass beads, high specific gravity (4.2) and the limitation of production technology, the particle size of the high refractive glass can not reach the desired particle size. Moreover, domestic gas fired furnaces are difficult to produce high round glass beads with large diameters. The other double component marking is to highlight the anti fouling property, and simply do not use the glass beads, in order to sacrifice the important anti light safety performance in exchange for the anti fouling performance of the double component lines.
This is the cause of the cause of this contradiction. To a large extent, it is to a large extent that we still use the hot melting experience to give the matching glass beads, including many glass bead manufacturers, and the production process is not adjusted, and the special glass bead products suitable for double component pavement marking are introduced.
According to the research data issued by the European and American countries, for the double component marking line of the spray type, the large diameter of the double component marking line and the high round rate glass bead can achieve very excellent anti light performance on the premise of ensuring the anti fouling property of the double components, and truly achieve the double component anti fouling road marking of the anti fouling and reflective light.

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