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Testing method for the roundness of glass microspheres for r

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glass microspheres
Testing method for the roundness of glass beads for road use
The roundness rate of the reflected glass in road is defined as the value defined by two categories of artificial glass beads divided into round beads and non round beads by specifying certain testing conditions, and can be divided into two testing methods.
One. Test method for glass bead shape separator
1. clean the glass plate and glass bead collector of the glass microsphere sensor using a degreased cotton ball with a little industrial alcohol.
2. the glass microsphere sensor is composed of glass plate, vibrator, regulator and bracket. Glass plate width 150mm, long 380mm, and horizontal angle should be adjusted between 0-5 degrees. The vibrator makes the glass flat plate vibrate at a frequency of 50Hz, and the vertical amplitude of the glass plate varies between 0-0.5mm through a regulator.
3. from the glass bead sample, about 20g samples are accurately measured to 0.1g.
4. the power switch of the glass bead separator is opened to adjust the slope of the glass plate and the amplitude of the vibrator, so that the defective glass beads on the glass plate move upward slowly, while the real round glass beads roll down.
5. use small spoon to feed slowly on the glass plate of the pick glass, so that the glass beads will not accumulate or slide down on the glass plate. All round beads will fall into the bead collector, and the defective glass beads will slowly enter the round bead collector until all the glass bead samples are separated.
6. the collected glass microbeads and defective glass microspheres were separated by the glass bead separator until all the glass microspheres were separated, and all the defective glass beads were separated from the glass microbeads after the shape of the shape separator.
7. the total mass N (g) and the total mass C (g) of the defective glass microspheres separated from all the round glass beads were respectively determined to 0.1g accurately. The glass bead has a roundness rate of P=N/ (N+C).
Two, microscope test method
The tape of the glass bead is attached to the glass carrier piece, the carrier piece is placed in the visual area of the microscope, and a suitable size mesh is used to construct a region containing about 200 grains of glass. After that, the picture is taken, and the circular and non round beads are distinguished according to the figures of the specified "round" and "round" glass beads. Then the roundness rate of the glass beads is calculated.

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