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Application of glass bead material in paint ink

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glass bead material in paint ink
Application of glass bead material in paint ink
The hollow microspheres have the characteristics of insulation, flame retardancy, high temperature resistance, low temperature, anticorrosion, fire protection, heat preservation, self lubrication and good fluidity, which are larger than the surface area and small particle size. So it can be widely used in various high grade inks, high grade lubricating oil, high temperature insulating paint, high wear resistant and anticorrosion paint, high grade furniture paint, ship show anticorrosion paint, high grade spray paint for automobile, all kinds of mechanical equipment external paint and interior and exterior paint of construction and various putty.
Hollow microsphere is a new functional material in twenty-first Century, and is the newest member of the new material family in the field of coatings. The use of hollow microspheres as the functional materials will change and improve the performance of the traditional coatings, and can reduce the cost. It is the price of micron materials with the properties of nano and sub nanomaterials. And it can continuously develop high value-added products with new functions, and has huge market application prospects.

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