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Why are road signs, lines and plates strongly reflective?

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road signs, lines and plates
The reflective coating is the principle of using the regressive reflection of the microprism crystal. In the light of other long distance light, you can also produce a strong reflective effect and reflect back to the light, and do not need an additional power to achieve the effect of the light in the dark. The vehicle license plate and the road indicator with high refractive index glass bead surface aluminized as back reflector with a strong reverse reflectivity, can reflect 85% of the light directly back to the light source and return the reflective brightness caused by reflection, which can make the driver and the light source at night or the field of vision unsatisfactory. Chu sees pedestrians or obstacles to ensure the safety of both sides.
The principle of the reverse light of the license plate is the recurrent reflection, the traffic signs and the warning signs on the road are the same kind of products. It is realized by the inner glass bead (and the bare type). According to the degree of reflection, it can be divided into several categories: high strength, license plate, engineering and advertising. Many of these signs are made of reflective coatings, which are used in reflective films.
Reflective film is a new type of optical material widely used. It is based on the principle of thin lens imaging, and the glass bead is uniformly embedded in organic resin as an optical raw material. The reflective brightness produced by it is several dozens to several hundred times brighter than the general paint sign. Products are widely used in highway, railway, port and shipping, airports, mines, fire fighting, vehicle licences, environmental protection, advertising and other fields to make reflective signs and signs. The use of this product can make people see the signs at night in the hundreds of meters, to a great extent, to improve the recognition ability of people at night and to enhance the awareness of security and the role of propaganda. This product is a recent high-tech product, which is widely used, and now it is seen everywhere in the production of anti light signs, has been closely related to people's production and life, the application of the product is another symbol of the progress of human civilization.

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