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Making beautiful Christmas trees with glass beads

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Christmas trees with glass beads
From steel to crystal, from teddy bear to Lego building blocks, novelty materials have always been the magic weapon of Christmas tree. At Christmas, the Christmas tree is an indispensable ornament, so creating a beautiful Christmas tree, we can use the recycling of glass beads as the protagonist, the design of the most creative glass Christmas tree.
Let's take a look at the first Christmas tree made of glass in Shanghai. It appears at the Golden Bridge International Square in Pudong, Shanghai. The height of the tree is 6.5 meters, and it will reflect colorful light with the change of light. The lights in the night make the glass beads blooming with gorgeous halo, beautiful and full of art and humanity.
According to the founder of the tree and the first Chinese "post-80s" artist, Xue Lv, the first Chinese artist to obtain a doctorate in British glass art, the glass Christmas tree is made of numerous glass beads of grain size of rice, which is reused by her team from various channels.
Small glass beads like pearls, full of round and full, small body blooming the brilliance of the sky, we should explore the advantages of glass beads, using the characteristics of glass beads to create a more beautiful Christmas tree, and even other beautiful objects.

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