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Application of glass bead in road marking paint

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glass bead in road marking
Application of glass bead in road marking paint
Road marking paints are road marking coatings, which are used to regulate road traffic and indicate signs on the ground. Multi coating and cement, asphalt and other coating substrates are commonly used in urban, rural roads, highways, parking lots, factories and other units. For example, the lane marking on the highways, the yellow markings in the parking lot, and the calibration of the functional areas in the workshop.
Road marking coatings are generally divided into two types: solvent type and hot melt type.
The road marking coating is used as a reflective material with glass beads, mixing glass beads into the coating and spreading on the surface of the film. Using the principle of regression and reflection of the glass beads, the driver can see the road marking during the night driving. The factors affecting the performance of the glass beads are the refractive index and the formation of the glass beads. Round rate. Generally speaking, the higher the refractive index of glass bead, the more round the circle is, the better the marking effect is at night. However, the rate of roundness is too high, which will enhance the reflection and the visual stimulation of the driver. Therefore, a small number of irregular beads will also be required, resulting in diffuse reflection. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate glass beads. It should be noted that the location of glass beads on the surface of coating should be appropriate, with semi embedding and semi exposure as the best. Glass beads float on the coating, not only easy to fall off, but also translucent, and glass beads are not reflected in the paint.

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