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Glass beads have great potential in the market of reflective

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Glass bead Market
With the acceleration of road traffic construction in China in the next few years and even more than ten years, the gradual implementation of urbanization and urbanization strategy, the further expansion of China's opening degree, the bigger the "cake" in the tourism industry and the fashionable pursuit of colorful life in the tourism industry, and the prospect of the reflective materials in our country and even the world market are very promising.
Experts in the Institute of physical and chemical technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that the reflective materials mainly include reflective film, reflective ink, reflective paint, reflective cloth, reflective leather, reflective ribbon, reflective fabric and other silk fabrics. The reason why the reflective material can reflect the light is that most of the reflective materials contain a kind of high refractive index glass beads. It is because of its existence that the human light is reflected back to the light source according to the original path to form a regression reflection phenomenon.
According to the different location of glass beads in reflective materials, reflective materials can be classified into two types: exposed type and flat top type. The exposed type is that the glass bead is located on the most surface of the reflective material, and the bead directly contacts with the air. The flat top type is the glass bead embedded in the transparent resin, the resin is exposed to the air. This kind of material has good weatherability, can reflect the color light, the surface is not easy to adhere to the dust, the rain is not affected, but the structure is complex, the equipment technology is high, the main product is all kinds of reflective film sticker, the anti light material used on the high speed highway is belong to the high speed highway This type.
At present, the application of reflective materials is mainly concentrated in the two major market areas, one is the planned private market, the two is the civilian market. The planned special market has already formed a considerable scale, and the potential of the civil market is great. It is good for the giant of the anti light material industry such as the 3M company of the United States, which is the pioneer of the world's reflective materials.
The so-called planned special market refers to the areas of the anti light materials, such as the uniforms of the public security, traffic and sanitation departments, road signs, signs, marking lines, mines, railways and other field workers, such as clothing and straps, in general.
Reflective coatings include reflective paint for road signs, reflective paint for regression. The traditional marking material (hot melt paint, cold spray paint) not only needs to allocate a lot of manual work, but also easily produces the phenomenon of paint drop. It does not have the reflective performance. It is approximate to the ground in the fog and rain. It needs to be illuminated by the light, but the regression reflective coating refers to the coating of a glass bead on the surface of the ordinary coating. The use not only overcomes the above defects, but also ensures the safe driving of the driver.
In 1998, the highway in China reached 8733 kilometers, the main trunk line or the national road was 140522 kilometers, and the motor vehicle was 20 million. The annual reflective coating was 8000 tons, the reflective ink was 2000 tons, and the total output value reached 200 million yuan. At the same time, statistics from the Ministry of traffic safety show that in 1998, 601471 people in the world's major countries died of traffic accidents, and there were only 78067 people in China, the first in the world. According to the comprehensive analysis, the traffic accidents in every big city in the country are obviously higher than the daytime at night, and the peak of the accident is concentrated at 8~10 o'clock in the night, one of the reasons is the low visibility of the road. The emergence of reflective materials successfully solved the problem of "seeing" and "seeing" this night driving problem.
Experts point out that, with the hot tourism market in recent years, it is the best opportunity to attract foreign tourists and show their image to the major cities and tourist cities in Beijing and China. It is one of the most effective ways to set up good signs, new and beautiful street names, vivid tourist attractions, bright traffic signs and good station signs. These not only make every corner of the city include the concept of safety warning, but also make drivers in a complex traffic environment. It has the correct guidance and produces good social benefits for effectively displaying the city's image and urban management ability. This demand is bound to drive the development of reflective materials market and become a new economic growth point. As an example of the renewal of Beijing Street brand name, the Beijing Public Security Bureau of public security implements the renovation project of street famous brand. Because of the domestic quality and technical defects, the project is undertaken by 3M company. This item only obtains millions of yuan, and it is possible to know the future market prospect of anti light coating and reflective materials.
In addition, the reflective safety fabric can also be made into straps for sanitation workers and traffic policemen, so as to improve the safety of employees. It is estimated that only 0.02 square meters of reflective fabrics will be added to each person's clothing in Beijing alone, and the annual consumption will be more than 10 thousand square meters. The so-called civilian market generally refers to light industry, mines, railways, student clothing, all kinds of clothing, clothing and caps, bags and other fields. With the enhancement of people's safety awareness, the civil market is gradually expanding. Only the clothing industry needs a total of 15 million square meters of reflective cloth, reflective leather and reflective ribbon in the garment industry, while our country's current production capacity is not yet more than 2 million square meters, and the amount of nearly 1/3 is exported to other countries and areas, and the market potential is huge.
It is reported that China's research on reflective materials began in the early 1970s. During the period of "75" and "85", the Ministry of security, the Ministry of transportation, the Ministry of Railways and other relevant departments all put the project into the plan to organize the project. After nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts, we have been able to produce reflective cloth and reflective leather on a large scale. Because of the difficulty in the production technology of the reflective film, the production equipment is not matched, the quality of the domestic products still stays at the low level and can not meet the high quality demand of the highway and other markets. Therefore, our country will import about 20 million US dollars of reflective film to the 3M company every year.
At present, all countries continue to develop traffic safety products while paying more attention to the comfort and beauty of reflective materials. Not only is the base material of the material various, but also the color and color develop from single silver grey to yellow, green, blue and so on. It is particularly worth mentioning that the reflective ink containing high refractive index glass beads has appeared in foreign countries, which can be printed on clothing and look at the color of the printed material. The color of the reflective ink is close to the color of the fabric. It is not the same as the ordinary clothes in the daytime, but when the light is illuminated at night, the pattern appears when the pattern is standing. This kind of clothing integrates fashion, beauty and safety and becomes a new force in the clothing industry.

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