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3-4mm glass beads developmented

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3-4mm glass beads equipments
The most recent days, 3-4mm glass beads become a hot spot, the purchase of information is very hot, 3-4mm diameter glass beads in the glass bead group is relatively large glass beads, and often called grinding beads, can be used in metal grinding, Toy filling, road construction and other industries. This larger diameter glass beads in the factory the most difficult to produce, production is difficult to upgrade up. And a grinding of beads production equipment has solved these problems. The following picture is taken in the factory 3-4mm grinding beads production line equipment picture.
Grinding beads production line
3-4mm grinding glass beads production process
Grinding beads are divided into single-tube firing furnace and multi-tube firing furnace. In high temperature and other special environmental conditions, the glass particles in the sintering furnace sintering, so that different mesh glass particles fired into spherical objects. The fired balls flow out of the sintering furnace along with the pipes, and the spherical particles are between 5 mm and 600 microns. The ground glass beads burned from the furnace, on its surface with carbon black, oily and other impurities, finish is not enough, through this equipment cleaning, so that grinding beads to reach smooth and translucent. In the cleaning, water, acid and other mixture scouring the grinding machine within the grinding beads, washing machine barrel body driven by the rapid rotation in the role of centrifugal force, so that the surface of the abrasive beads removed. After cleaning the grinding beads into the dryer, driven by the motor in the pipeline with the rotation, in the rotation process grinding beads full heat. After drying, the grinding beads flow out of the pipeline. Grinding beads into the silo, through the vibration feeder to a special belt conveyor, the precise round. So that the material into the round rate of 90-95% or more. Rounded beads are packed directly through the funnel. Round beads with enough rounds are reworked with belt loops.

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