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Application of glass bead in reflective printing

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glass bead in reflective printing
Glass beads are spherical, light transmittance, high coefficient of reverse, high quality glass beads with unique reflection efficiency. When glass beads are combined with printing, they solve the problem of "seeing" and "being seen" at night.
The reflective printing reflective material of glass beads added to the ink resin, through a special printing process printed fabrics in a variety of colors of fibers, in the light or night light is not strong, through the reflection of external light and light to reach the eye-catching. Reflective printing is highly reflective. The safety clothing or logo made of this process can be easily detected by the driver, no matter how far away or in the case of light interference. Thus, the safety problem of driving at night is solved.
As shown in the picture, when our clothes are also applied in the above process, clothes not only look beautiful, but also play a safe role. Clothes at night light, colorful colors are very gorgeous, so that our temperament looks "tall" on".

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