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Use of glass beads on reflective fabrics

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glass beads on reflective fabrics
With the increasing development of traffic in society, people pay more and more attention to their traffic safety, and the use of reflective materials is becoming more and more extensive. In the daytime with the bright color of the obvious warning effect, in the night or under the light of the situation, its bright reflection effect can effectively enhance the ability to recognize the people, see the target, cause vigilance, thus avoid accidents, reduce casualties, reduce economic losses, become indispensable road traffic. Security guards have obvious social benefits.
The retro reflective fabric is commonly referred to as reflective cloth. It is the optical principle of applying glass beads to fabric and refraction and reflection through glass beads. Even if the reflected light is mostly in the direction of the incident light, it returns to the direction of the light source. This fabric is a fabric with safety function. When people in the night or in the dark are wearing or carrying this kind of return reflection safety material, in the light of light, due to their regression function, it will produce striking effect and improve their visibility, so that the personnel at the light source can find the target quickly, effectively avoid the accident and guarantee the person. The safety of the body.
The reflective fabric is composed of the glass bead, the mirror surface layer and the fabric base, the adhesive and so on. When the light is irradiated to the glass sphere, the light is refracted in the glass medium. After the reflection of the mirror reflection layer on the surface of the sphere, the light is reflected back to the direction of the light source through the refraction of the sphere. So that the reflected light direction is returned according to the incident direction. There are three ways to make reflective cloth: pearl coating, bead planting and transfer. Different methods have different processing routes and different chemical raw materials. The reflective strength, handle and performance of reflective cloth are different in different degrees. As a safe and functional reflective cloth used as clothing and clothing, it is necessary to ensure the requirements of wearing, such as washing, wear-resistant and waterproof, in addition to high reflective intensity.

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