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The Characteristics and Application of Grinding Glass Beads

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grinding glass beads
The polished beads are glass beads that are produced in a nearly perfect shape by the use of high temperature melt sintering techniques. The glass beads are precisely controlled by the glass beads used for grinding. Generally in the 1-6mm, commonly used for 2-3mm, and glass beads through the treatment, the surface smooth, with a strong impact resistance and wear resistance, glass beads all the performance requirements are to maximize Reducing its wear on the grinding machine. In order to prevent the grinding of glass beads in the grinding process to produce fragmentation caused by pollution, grinding machine with the appropriate size of the grinding glass beads is very important.

This high quality abrasive glass beads can be used in continuous production of vertical, horizontal sand grinders and agate sanders and other types of grinding equipment. They are used not only as grinding media for the coatings, printing, ink and dye industries. From the health point of view, because the polished glass beads are not harmful chemical composition, but also more suitable for food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries need particle dispersion process.

Polished glass beads Chemical composition%:
SiO2 64 CaO 7 Na2O 15
Al2O3 5
MgO 1.5
B2O3 2.5
Other (no lead)5    

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