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The role of glass beads in color pavements

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glass beads in color pavements
Should the road be beautiful? Obviously, let people always live in the color of stereotyped, the surface texture is no different black asphalt pavement and gray concrete concrete pavement, monotonous and even boring depressed psychological feelings and visual experience can not give people a good landscape environment, people can not Get a high quality of living space. Thus, a variety of road technology to make the road beautiful, color road is one of them.
As a kind of road surface layer, the color pavement with glass beads is playing an important role in promoting road traffic safety and beautifying the street space environment compared with ordinary road surface.
glass beads in color pavements
1. Divide the traffic range of different nature
Sprinkle the glass beads on the color of the road through the color changes in the different nature of the traffic range, to enhance the identification of urban roads, so that traffic safety is very useful.
2. warning
The color depth of the pavement logo filled with glass beads acts as a supplementary warning to the traffic behavior of drivers and pedestrians. Remind people to regulate their own behavior.
3. Relieve fatigue
Glass beads in the sun shine under the crystal, reflecting the road color. Beautiful pavement landscape can relieve people's fatigue, improve the driver's attention, keep a clear head, reduce traffic accidents.
4. Improve the special section slip coefficient
The colored anti-skid surface of the glass beads is formed on the surface of the asphalt to form a special tectonic depth through the different colors, prompting the driver to lower the vehicle speed in advance and to shorten the braking distance and reduce the braking distance in the emergency by means of a higher friction surface Wheel friction noise, increase the wheel friction coefficient, increase the road surface in dry conditions and rain weather resistance. On the rainy weather and other traffic accidents caused by the role of prevention.
5. Reduce the urban thermal effect.
General urban surface 35% to 50% of the road, usually gray cement pavement or black asphalt pavement, these pavement after the heat into a huge heating body. Studies have shown that the black asphalt pavement can absorb almost 100% of the heat in the sun, resulting in road and ambient air temperature increases, exacerbating urban thermal effects. And the addition of glass beads of bright color of the "low temperature road" can reflect 40% to 70% of the sun.
6. Increase the brightness
As the color pavement paint on the glass beads, glass beads have excellent reflexivity. Enhance the brightness of the road to improve the safety of driving at night.
7. beautify the street space environment
Sprinkle the glass beads on the color of the road can effectively beautify the street environment, its strong visual effects can make people have a unique feeling, leaving a deep impression to meet people's psychological needs of beauty, improve people's quality of life.

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