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Application of glass bead in reflective cloth

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glass bead in reflective cloth
Reflective cloth is also called reflective cloth and reflection fabric. Reflective cloth is the optical principle of applying glass beads to fabric and refraction and reflection through glass beads. This fabric is a fabric with safety function.
When people in the night or in the dark are wearing or carrying the return reflection safety material, in the light of light, their return to reflection will result in a striking effect and improve their visibility, so that the people in the light are quickly returned to the target, effectively avoiding the occurrence of the accident and ensuring the person's body. It's safe.
Reflective cloth, as a safety functional product, has been widely applied to work clothes for outdoor workers in special industries such as transportation, sanitation and public security. When the people who carry and carry the reflective material work at night or walk, they can find the target in a long distance because of their regression function, so that the accident can be avoided.

For ordinary people, according to the different degree of night activity time, so in their clothing, shoes, hats, bags, rain gear and other light, can improve the safety of their own. The degree of safety improvement of reflective cloth is measured by its reflective intensity. The higher the intensity of reflection, the better the striking effect. The distance between the driver and the target is far away.
According to the principle of regression reflection and the structure of regressive reflection fabric, it can be seen that the regressive reflective fabric consists of base cloth, reflecting layer, chemical resin and glass bead. The processing technology is used to combine various materials together, so as to ensure that the reflective cloth has the same wearability as other textiles. When making, the optical path is unimpeded. The glass beads are uniformly distributed on the surface of the fabric.

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