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The application of glass bead seven color reflective film on

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glass bead seven color reflective film
Glass bead reflective film has been used in the decoration of leather and clothing fabric in recent years. Since Nike sports shoes have been vigorously popularized, this decorative element has really attracted the attention of many manufacturers.
Glass bead reflective film is a reflection principle of glass bead regression using high refractive index. After the surface of the material needed to be decorated, as long as there is a strong incident light, the glittering or glittering effect can be obtained. It is especially prominent in the dark environment. In the early days, the glass microbead transfer film of vacuum electroplated aluminum layer was used in the early stage, and the multilayer transparent material was developed by coating and electroplating, and the transparent glass microsphere reflective film was formed by these transparent materials. This reflective film has both rainbow decorative elements and brightly reflected decorative elements, and transparent materials that can make a dazzling design by changing different colors of the bottom material and pattern. In particular, black background will show a similar chameleon like illusion, so once launched, it is loved by many designers.
The glass bead reflective film also needs to be added to the materials such as leather and cloth after the addition of hot melt coatings, so as to obtain relatively strong resistance to the peeling strength and alkali resistance of the beads. In the market, many manufacturers have been promoting the reflective film with glue, and the pattern color can also be customized, which is very convenient. At present, market supply is still dominated by imported films in Taiwan, and the quality of domestic manufacturers is also good. Foshan City, O Film Technology Co., Ltd. in the development and application of these products are in the forefront.
With the promotion and application of the reflective elements on the shoe material and the gradual decrease in the cost of capacity expansion, it is possible to meet the new scene in this field.

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