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The use of road marking glass beads

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road marking glass beads
First. Introduction
Road marking the use of glass beads is a kind of glass sand as raw material after high temperature melting formed after a small glass beads. This glass beads in the microscope under the observation of colorless, crystal translucent sphere, and no obvious bubbles or impurities. Road marking the use of glass beads refractive index of 1.50-1.65 between the particle size is generally between 70 microns and 800 microns, so also called road reflective glass beads. At present in the country's main production road marking glass beads of the process is the flame floating method and electric melting method.

Second, classification and use
Road marking glass beads according to different use, can be divided into flour and glass beads and two kinds of pre-mixed glass beads. The surface of the glass beads is painted in the paint on the road after drawing the mark, the sowing on the surface of the paint on the surface of the glass beads. The pre-blended glass beads are evenly mixed in the paint glass before the marking of the road marking line. Road marking glass beads are mainly used in the normal temperature, hot melt type of road marking paint. Premixed glass beads can guarantee long-term reflective within the life of the period, and the surface of glass beads can play a timely reflective effect.

Third, function
Road marking glass beads as a road marking in the reflective material, can greatly improve the reflective performance of road marking paint, thereby enhancing the safety of night driving, has been identified by the national transport sector. When the car is driving at night, the lights on the road marked with glass beads on the road mark can make the light of the lights are reflected back in parallel, so that drivers see the direction of progress, improve the safety of driving at night. At present, reflective glass beads have become an indispensable reflective material for road safety products.
Rainy day road marking line after the water, the car tires in the above passing easy to slip, and in the marking line on the glass beads to prevent slipping. As a result of glass beads coated, there is a good hydrophobic and waterproof. Therefore, the road marking coated glass beads is a very good traffic safety product.

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