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Application of glass bead in reflective materials

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glass bead in reflective materials
1. The origin of glass beads as a reflective material
Glass beads have been used as reflective materials for decades. In 1950, Dr. Dong Qifang, an American Chinese scientist, developed Directional Glass Beads, and subsequently developed reflective materials such as reflective fabrics. Nowadays, these reflective materials are widely used in traffic signs and safety labels.
In the early days, because of the weak basic industries such as chemical industry in China, the raw materials such as special coatings, glass beads and other raw materials were not solved, and there was no fixed production equipment. In certain conditions, the process of industrialization of the reflective materials was limited. In 90s, great progress has been made in the reflective materials of microbeads in China. The reflective materials in the microspheres such as the advertising class reflective film, the engineering grade reflective film and the high-strength reflective film have been developed. Meanwhile, the reflective fabric, the reflective leather, the reflective fuse and the reflective thermal film are also introduced. By the year 90s, glass bead reflective products were basically mature in China.

2. The principle of glass bead as a reflective material
The reflective material made of glass beads can reflect the light from all directions back to the original point. It is the most reflective material in the world at present. The reflective performance is greater than 400CPL, and the maximum reflective performance is greater than 1000COL. It has high reflective, weatherability and high reflective angle.
The glass microsphere reflector material adopts the principle of micro prism reflection. We all know that the reflection of light has diffuse reflection and specular reflection. Why can the retro reflective material return the light to its original path? In fact, it is mainly attributed to the high refractive index glass microspheres. When a beam of light is exposed to the front surface of the microsphere at any angle in a certain range, the reflection layer is reflected on the surface of the surface due to the high refraction of the microspheres. The reflection layer reflects the light along the direction of the incident light and forms a regression inverse. Shoot. When many glass beads reflect at the same time, there will be a bright front.
The experimental results show that when the refractive index of the glass bead is close to 1.9, the incident light can focus well on the back surface of the glass bead, and the return reflection effect is best. When the refractive index is less than or greater than 1.9, the incident charge line focuses on the outside and the interior of the glass, and the return reflection effect will be reduced. The refractive index of glass bead is usually between 1.9 and 2.1, and its diameter is usually less than 0.8 millimeter. If a reflective layer is added to the rear of the glass bead, the effect of regressive reflection will be even better.
3, production principle and application field
How does this magical glass bead be produced in the process of production: first melting the raw material into a glass liquid at a very high temperature, and the glass liquid passing through a special nozzle to form a number of foggy drops, which automatically form a regular sphere under the action of the surface tension, and then be treated after a certain treatment. A glass bead with a size distribution of 10-200 microns is obtained.
Using glass beads can produce many reflective materials such as luminescent cloth, reflective coating, reflective ink and so on. These materials are widely used in public security, transportation, fire fighting, railways, coal mines and other departments. They can be seen in labor protection products and civilian products. Drivers at night are prone to traffic accidents due to the impact of traffic lights, roadside lights, high building searchlights and advertising neon lights. The bright light emitted from the reflective material signs under the illumination of the vehicle lamp is particularly striking, which can remind drivers to pay attention to the relevant road information and improve driving safety. Reflective materials can highlight their value even in low visibility weather such as rain, fog and wind sand. Therefore, many developed countries stipulate traffic signs for highways and railways, and reflective materials must be used before and after bodies. The international marine lifesaving agency also stipulates that life saving equipment must be equipped with reflective materials to facilitate night search and lifesaving. Nowadays, many companies use reflective materials to decorate their products, so that they can increase their safety function on the basis of beauty and practicality.
The glass microsphere, which is a wonderful reflective material, has brought many conveniences to our production and life. He still has many uses to wait for us to explore and develop.

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