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How to identify blasting glass beads, shot glass beads and g

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blasting shoting grinding glass beads
Due to the non-polluting properties of glass beads, grinding in the parts grinding industry, the use of higher. When we have just touched the glass beads industry, tend to sandblasted glass beads, shot peen glass beads, ground glass beads three glass beads confused. These three kinds of beads have the same place, there are different places, the main difference is the use (participation in the processing of different technology).
Sandblasted glass beads are glass beads used in the process of blasting mechanical parts. First we have to figure out what is sandblasting? Sandblasting is a high-compressed air to spray glass beads from the gun, high-speed glass flow to combat parts, remove parts of the surface of the dirt and oil, grinding parts of the surface of the burr, like sandpaper grinding in general, so bright and clean components. Usually sandblasting process, the use of quartz sand, glass sand and other irregular particles. Therefore, the sandwich glass beads into the round rate requirements are not so high.
Shot glass beads can be seen from the literal, the use of glass beads into a round rate is much higher. Shot is the spray gun is beads. The shot peening process is similar to sandblasting, except that the medium used is different. The workpiece is subjected to shot peening to enhance the mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance of the workpiece.
Grinding glass beads are used in the grinding process of grinding equipment used in the medium, mainly used for grinding high-precision plane in the workpiece, inside and outside the cylindrical surface, conical surface, spherical, threaded surface and other profiles. The workpiece surface for precision machining. The glass beads used are very round at high.

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