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Characteristics and use of blasting glass beads

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blasting glass beads
With the modern production technology innovation, I believe we have more or less sandblasted glass beads have to understand. And for the most accurate positioning of sandblasted glass beads is a kind of material through the air compression force to promote the work of the abrasive.
In the early days of the blasting glass beads, its main abrasive material is sand, free to be called sandblasting. But such material is prone to abrasion. Shot blasting is now on the market the best technology, but also the most reasonable, can be very good in the industry to promote, applicability is relatively strong. It can be a very good steel surface cleaning work, more clean and thorough, and the use of the cost is relatively low.
Blasting technology can quickly make the surface of the required cleaning objects more smooth. For some of the quality of the upper coating, it can not be attached to the untreated surface for a long time, so this surface treatment is essential. Processed objects can be a good color, and the color effect is relatively pure.
First, the characteristics of sandblasted glass beads
1, soft and hard both - the use of high-quality materials produced, both a certain degree of mechanical strength (SiO2 content is greater than or equal to 68%, the hardness can be 6-7 Mo Shi), there are enough flexibility, you can repeatedly use several times, , The same effect of the spray device, but the life of ordinary glass beads longer than 3 times.
2, uniformity is good - into a round rate greater than or equal to 85%, uniform size, spray after the sandblasting device throughout the brightness coefficient to maintain uniform, easy to leave the watermark.
3, irreplaceable - shot peen glass beads as a grinding material than any other grinding material has the following advantages: In addition to metal grinding materials, than any other medium use a long time; with non-alkaline soda lime glass material, with Good chemical stability, will not pollute the processing of metal, can speed up the cleaning, while maintaining the original processing accuracy of objects
4, smooth and no impurities - the appearance of spherical particles, no impurities: smooth surface, with a good finish, to the international and domestic standards
Second, the use of sandblasting glass beads
1, stainless steel products surface matte treatment
2, for the cleaning of various types of mold
3, can remove all kinds of mechanical parts tensile stress, increase fatigue life
4, semiconductor devices, plastic on the tube before the tin clean up to remove the edge thorns
5, medical equipment, textile equipment and various types of metal products shot peening decorative processing
6, all kinds of metal pipe, non-ferrous metal precision casting clean and remove the burr residue

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