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Application and Advantage of Sandblasting Glass Beads

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sandblasting glass beads
Sandblasting as a surface treatment of an industry, in our 50s began to widely used. Mostly used in the machinery manufacturing industry, and was the main application of the media for the iron or steel pills. With the continuous development of China's national economy and the people's continuous improvement of the quality requirements of industrial products, glass beads for the sandblasting media came into being. In the course of the use of sandblasted glass beads with its irreplaceable surface treatment effect is unique.
Sandblasted glass beads have a great advantage over other shot peening media. Compared with iron pills and stainless steel balls, iron pellets and stainless steel pellets are difficult to achieve less than 0.15mm, so these media are often used in some steel castings and larger parts of the sandblasting, but if you want to spray some Precision castings and some non-ferrous metal devices will make these devices appear deformation, leaving traces, to eliminate excessive stress and other issues. The glass beads in the production can be done less than 0.05mm, due to smaller particle size, so the contact area with the parts is very small, so easy to damage parts, to eliminate the stress is more uniform, matte effect is better. Glass beads and other kinds of glass sand, such as emery, quartz sand, etc., also has an irreplaceable advantage. As the sand medium irregular or angular, regardless of the size of the size of the device is basically sprayed on the equipment will have some damage. Under the microscope will show some traces, likely to cause surface contamination and corrosion, so as not to achieve long-term use effect. But after the glass beads peening purification, the device rarely have traces of the surface, to achieve long-term effect.

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