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Glass beads packaging

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Glass beads packaging
Glass particles through the production furnace fired, fired glass beads into the cleaning tank to clean, and then after drying, glass beads on the batch out. The glass beads are selected by sifting through the vibrating screen, and the glass beads flow out of the vibrating screen outlet into the bag.
Glass beads produced into the nylon woven bag, the automatic packaging machine sewing pocket. My company's glass beads through two bags of packaging, the outer use of high-quality nylon woven bags, which use plastic bags as lined, so you can waterproof and moisture.
Pack a good bag of pearl glass beads on a wooden tray, put a 40 pallets on a tray, 1 ton. Wrap the glass beads on the tray with a plastic wrap to prevent the bag from falling off during transport.


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