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Glass bead production process[2017-09-04 09:00:00]
The production process of glass beads is divided into 6 steps: 1., the production of glass beads must first select raw materials, raw materials, good or bad, decided to produce the quality of glass beads, raw materials to choose clean, no i
Glass bead traffic paint use precautions[2017-09-02 09:18:21]
Commonly used in the construction of the coating is hot melt marking paint, in the construction, hot melt marking paint and glass beads mixed together, or glass beads scattered on the hot melt coating. In the construction we should pay atte
Glass beads for magnetic separation[2017-09-01 09:37:04]
Iron ore reserves are limited, taste is also low, the content of fly ash in more than 5%, from the fly ash selected iron-rich beads, can also add some iron ore source, and after the iron after the iron tail, the powder Coal ash refractorines
Glass bead type retroreflective material use and principle[2017-08-31 10:15:53]
A variety of silicate glass-based raw materials by sintering to form glass sand, glass sand by more than 1200 degrees after the high temperature re-melting and instantaneous cooling, under the action of surface tension glass slurry condensed
Glass beads reverse reflection material solution[2017-08-30 09:57:32]
How much area / high reflectance of the retroreflective material can avoid glare. For retroreflective materials, glare is mainly due to the strong reflection of the light in the field of view of the reverse reflection of the material and t
Glass beads introduced Daquan[2017-08-29 09:09:01]
Glass beads, also known as glass beads, is a few microns in diameter to a few millimeters of solid or hollow glass beads, colorless and colored. The method of manufacture is a powder method, a solution method, a calcination method and the li
Wear Resistance of Glass Beads to Enhance Ultrahigh Molecula[2017-08-28 14:43:32]
The ultrafine molecular weight polyethylene composites filled with glass microspheres were prepared by hot press molding. The effects of glass microbeads on the mechanical properties and hardness of the composites were investigated by univer
Application of Glass Beads in Reflective Materials[2017-08-28 14:38:04]
Glass beads as a reflective material has been a few decades of history. In 1950, the American Chinese scientist Dr. Dong Qifang developed directional glass beads, and then developed a series of reflective materials such as reflective cloth.
The Application of Glass Microsphere Colorful Reflective Fil[2017-08-26 09:17:06]
Glass beads reflective film in recent years, quietly rising in the use of leather and clothing fabrics on the decoration, since the Nike sports shoes to promote colorful reflective effect, the decorative elements really attracted the attenti
Application of Glass Bead in Reflective Cloth[2017-08-25 10:24:07]
Glass beads reflective cloth is also called reflective cloth, reflective cloth, retroreflective fabric. Reflective cloth is the glass beads applied to the fabric, the use of light in the glass beads within the refraction of the refraction of
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