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Coated glass microsphere

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coated glass microsphere
Coated glass microsphere use:
The glass bead has a certain hydrophobicity, floatability and fluidity after the coating is treated by coating waterproof. It can improve the effect of reflective light in the rainy night. It is suitable for the use of rainy, foggy and humid environment. In addition, the glass beads treated by coupling agent coating can better bond with the coating and prolong the service life.
The principle of coated glass microsphere:
The coating liquid is added to the glass microsphere to form a membrane in the high temperature environment, and it is also attached to the surface of the glass bead, forming a waterproof film or a adhesive film. The coating can make the surface of the glass bead not corroded, not easily deliquescence, and can also increase the adhesion of glass beads to the coating.
The advantages of coated glass microspheres:
As the coating material of glass bead is an organic material, it has a good co solubility with the road coating, and it is not easy to fall off on the surface of the marking line, and it has a strong adhesive force to ensure the effect of long time reflection.
The coated glass beads have good fluidity, no caking, even sowing, easy construction, and guarantee the effect of reflection. The practical proof saves about 15%.
The coated glass bead itself has the ability of self cleaning, it can reduce the pollution of highway, such as rain, sand and dust, and so on, and it will not affect construction in damp environment.



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