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Cobalt blue glass bead

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Cobalt blue glass bead
Introduction of colored glass beads:
Colored glass beads, also known as water droplets, are a new type of luxurious architectural decoration. The decoration materials can be used to inlay the exterior walls and inner walls of high buildings, such as villas, auditorium, advanced hotels, hotels, Houses of Parliament and other advanced buildings. When there is sunlight or light, the wall is brilliant and brilliant. A sense of dignity, luxury and elegance. As a new wall decoration and decoration product, colored glass beads have their own unique advantages.
1, beautiful: the color is diverse, the color is novel, the user may choose one to concentrate the color decoration;
2, environmental protection: non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, non corrosive, can be used safely;
3, heat insulation: it can reflect the heat of the sun back to the air and reduce the indoor temperature.
4, permanent: no fade, no aging, no maintenance, clean and bright, moderate price, luxurious and beautiful, is the office, commercial and residential buildings, hotels and other buildings of the latest exterior decoration products.



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