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British BS6088B Internal mixed

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British BS6088B Internal mixed
BS6088B is a high quality glass bead made of selected broken glass.
BS6088B standard glass bead economic security, improved road safety. As glass beads reflect light in the evening, the vehicle's headlight beams are reflected into the driver's eyes and "light" the road marking. It not only improves the visibility of the road marks at night, but also increases the durability of the white strip. BS6088 glass beads are used as pavement marking materials for surface spreading and premixed beads.
The following are BS6088B (1981) internal mixing related parameters:
Sieve diameter(micron)  
number(visual number)
Passing rate (%) (on the sieve)
1180  14 0-3   
The content of SiO2 is not less than 70%
Roundabout rate:≥70%
850  20 5-20 
425  40 65-95 
<425  <40 0-10 

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