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Internal mixed glass beads (China Standard No. 2)

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Internal mixed glass beads (China Standard No. 2)
China national standard glass beads are made of high quality glass beads made of selected glass and processed by special technology.
The use of China's national standard glass beads has greatly improved the road traffic safety factor, which plays a vital role in road safety. Using the principle of glass bead refraction, the light beam of the car in the night is reflected back to its sight, which forms the effect of the marking line. These beads not only enhance the visibility of the road marking at night, but also increase the service life of the marking line on the whole.
The following are the parameters of inner mixed glass beads (GB/T 24722-2009 GB 2):
Sieve diameter(micron)  
number(visual number)
Passing rate (%) (on the sieve)
>600 >30 0
Premixed glass beads for hot melt,
two component, 
waterborne pavement
marking coatings
Roundabout rate:≥80%
600-300 30-50 50-90
300-150 50-100 5-50
<150 <100 0-5

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