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Inner mixed glass bead

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Inner mixed glass bead
Internal mixed glass bead features:
In the process of road coating production, the glass beads are mixed in the paint according to the weight ratio of 18-25% (referring to the standards of Chinese transportation industry standard JT/T280-2004, different national and regional standards). After the application of the paint to the construction, it can experience the friction and wear of the wheel many times.
According to Chinese national standard GB/T24722-2009, the technical parameters of this glass bead are as follows:
Sieve diameter(micron) number(visual number) Passing rate (%)
>600 >30 0
600-300 30-50 50-90
300-150 50-100 5-50
<150 <100 0-5
The proportion of glass beads: 2.4-2.6g/cm3
Glass bead refractive index: 1.50
Roundness of glass beads:  80%
Magnetic particle content:  0.1%
The overall appearance of the glass beads is colorless, loose spherical particles, clean and impurity free, and does not contain lumps that are still not collapsing after a slight impact.
Xinxiang best glass products Co., Ltd. is one of the largest suppliers of reflective glass beads for road marking in Asia. In accordance with the requirements of different countries and regions, our company is able to produce glass beads with different sizes and sizes, such as hot melt glass beads, shot peening glass beads, glass beads, glass beads, mixed glass beads and so on.
For example: Europe EN1423 and 1424, the United States AASHTO M247, the United Kingdom BS6088, Japan JIS R3301, South Korea KS L2521.

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