Sandblasting glass bead

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Sandblasting glass bead

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Sandblasting glass bead
Introduction of sandblasting glass beads:
It can be polished on the surface of metal and die, and can be used as metal grinding material. It will not damage the surface of the workpiece, but also improve the accuracy of the workpiece.
For military purposes, sandblasting is used for cleaning aircraft engines, turbines, blades and shafts.
In the chemical industry, glass beads can be used as additives and enhancers in the production of various adhesives for plastics, rubber, paint and nylon.
In the polishing process, the compressed air is used as the ejection power, the glass bead is used as the medium, the surface of the workpiece is sprayed through high speed and high pressure, and the shot peening is strengthened. The light finishing is used to clean and improve the processing precision.
Glass microspheres made of sodium calcium glass have good chemical stability and certain mechanical strength and hardness. Therefore, the polishing and grinding materials have a great advantage over other abrasive materials.
It does not pollute the metal that is processed.
It can speed up cleaning up. The processing material is restored to original cleanliness and smoothness.



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